1. Rutu Modan’s new book, The Property, (our Cool New Book of the week) was recently released by Drawn & Quarterly. Like her Eisner-winning 2008 graphic novel, Exit WoundsThe Property  fuses socio-political commentary with poignant character studies, sincerely and thoroughly examining the minutiae of human relationships. 

    In The Propety, Modan uses the story of an Israeli young woman and her grandmother venturing to Poland in search of a family property as a lens through which to examine the role of family, the precipitous, fragile nature of romantic involvement, and the personal difficulty of reconciling the present with the past. Driven by Modan’s nimble storytelling and deft, visual economy, The Property is an immensely readable and profoundly rewarding comic.

    You can buy The Property, along with Rutu’s other books, on Drawn & Quarterly’s website. Check out some more of her work here.

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